Literature for Lutheran Churches in Africa
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To the Bishops 
and other Church Leaders 
in the Lutheran Churches 
in Africa

Dear Brothers in Christ,

It is now well over a year ago since we last sent you information about the literature we have available and which we can offer you. As you may remember, we sent you a list of books available and offered or use in the Churches. That book list is still valid, except that a few of the smaller booklets may be out of print at present. These are however to be reprinted soon. 

      The books are of the same categories as before:
1. books offered mainly for Church institutions,
2. books offered for pastors, evangelists and other Church workers, and
3. books for disribution in the 
    Church  among members and 
    others interested.

In case a book is out of print when we receive your order, it will be sent to you as soon  as possible after reprinting.

*A brief description of the new books mentioned above:
Imberg: God with us (36 pages) consists of six brief chapters on the Christian faith. Imberg: God in the world (55 pages) contains ten short chapters on Christian ethics.

We are now  about to send you samples of these two new books and you are welcome to ask for more copies as you wish.

Please do not hesitate to write to us about your needs and also to give us your suggestions, e. g. regarding translation into a local language or printing of a  book locally, if you feel that such a need exists. 
I enclose an updated copy of the Book list I have referred to above.

May the Lord bless your work for his Kingdom through the spreading of the Gospel among your people!

Yours Sincerely

Ragnar Block
Chairman, SCRIPTURA 

  20th April, 2000


Books available from Scriptura Evangelical Literature Mission on request or by agreement: 
I. Mainly for Church Institutions (Theological Colleges, Bible Schools etc), and others who have a special need for this type of books:
1.    (Commentaries to the ) Old and New Testament.
2.     Koehler: A Summary of Christian Doctrine.
3.     Althaus: The Theology of Martin  Luther.
4.     The Book of Concord.
5.     Other commentaries that may be agreed upon.

II. For pastors, evangelists and other Church workers or individual Christians in special need of them:

1. Imberg, J.   Christian Life, A book on Christian ethics and morale.
2.    "       "     The Way of Life, Main outlines of the Christian Faith.
3.    "       "     Let us pray, A handbook for the family prayers.
4. Jonsson, I.   The Book of Revelation, A book of Comfort for the  Lord's      faithful.

III. For a wider distribution in the Church, especially for youth groups, Sunday School teachers, Women's League , but also for others interested:

 1. Imberg, J.   Holy Baptism.
 2.       "      "    Holy Communion.
 3.       "      "    The Holy Spirit.
 4.     "      "      Prayer Book. 
 5.       "      "    Forgiveness of Sins.
 6.   "      "        Death, Resurrection and Eternal life.
 7. Heikkinen, P,   God's heaviest and greatest work.
 8. Mtetwa, C.N.,  The Redeemer, born of woman.
 9. Ringius, H. F.,  The Lamb of God.
10. Imberg, J.               God in the World, A short summary of Christian Ethics. 
11. Imberg, J.               God with us, A short summary of the Christian Faith.

Other Theological books of sound doctrine (doctrinal content in agreement with the Lutheran Confessions) may be accepted by the Scriptura Board for distribution after these principles. E.g. the Book of Concord in English and Luther's smaller Catechism with explanations are books that can be donated, where needed. Books written by local Church theologians can also be accepted for subsidy towards the printing costs, costs for translation etc, after request to the Foundation; e.g. the translation and printing of Luther's smaller Catechism in Siswii in Swaziland, and in Setswana in Botswana.
The Board is open to requests according to the needs of the Church, and is also thankful for proposals as regards suitable books for translation into a local language.

Please contact
Dean I. Hermansson, 
Lindhult Höjden 4, 
S-519 90 Horred, 
Tel/fax: 46+320 85005 
Ingvar Hermansson