More Archeological Crimes on Temple Mount Alleged

The Committee to Prevent the Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem charged on March 29 that the Waqf has brought a 4-meter-by-2-meter stone cutter on the Temple Mount compound and is cutting stones, taken from an ancient building on the site, to prepare them for secondary use in various building projects.

The report was released in a request to the High Court of Justice for an urgent interim injunction. The court has set a date for the hearing of the committee's petition and an earlier petition also. The petitioners charged that the saw had not been on site earlier, and that it had to have been brought into the Temple Mount compound by a huge truck and a crane. "The new saw is causing enormous damage because of the destruction of the ancient stones, some of which may have been used in the construction of the Holy Temple."

In an earlier address to the court, the committee charged that hundreds of volunteers and members of the Israeli Islamic Movement come to the Temple Mount during the week and weekends, too, indicating that the Waqf believes it is a matter of urgency to speed and expand the work.

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